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Over the summer, my daughter and I took a mother-daughter yoga class with Lauren. She made our experience so welcoming, peaceful, and memorable. When my daughter was asked to write about her favorite thing she did over the summer for English class, she wrote about this day. I can't wait to take more classes with Lauren and make more positive memories with my daughter. Thank you Lauren for this experience.


I have had the pleasure of taking several yoga classes with Lauren. She is very mindful of my limitations due to physical injuries and helped me on more than one occasion to ease the discomfort I was feeling. After a class with Lauren, I not only feel physically better, but feel more emotionally centered and ready to take on whatever life throws my way. I can't wait to take future classes with Lauren!


Lauren provided my co-workers and me with a half hour of wellness. With remote teaching all day, I am not used to staying still. In just a half hour with Lauren, I was able to stretch and refresh my body and feel like myself again to tackle my afternoon! She tailored our class to our needs and made it flexible enough to do on our lunch break! With little to no equipment, it was a wonderful break during the day...exactly what my body needed.


I have enjoyed Lauren's yoga sessions. They get better everytime I do one! She is calming; have no worries about your ability level. Her being just creates calm and peace!


Relaxation. Calmness. Patience. Peacefulness. All of those, plus more, describe the experience you would get from a yoga class taught by Lauren! My daughter has taken a couple of her classes; I have as well. I can only say what an experience you will get from it! My daughter still talks about her classes and how much fun she had. She even takes out the special meditation stone Lauren gave her and uses it when she's having a rough day. You'll be amazed at what you can learn about your body after taking a class! I highly recommend Lauren's yoga classes for yourself or your child.


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